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Phylolink is a collection of tools through which biodiversity can be explored from a phylogenetic (or tree of life) perspective.

At the core of these tools is the ability to easily intersect a phylogenetic tree with species occurrence records, environmental data, and species character information.

The result is powerful ways of combining data to generate flexible and customisable visualisations, profiles and metrics for biodiversity.

View an example demonstration here. Or, view screencast on how to view phylolink here.

Collaborators and acknowledgement:

Phylolink is the result of collaboration between the Atlas of Living Australia and scientists at CSIRO, the Australian National University and the National Science Foundation (USA). Phylolink builds upon PhyloJIVE, which was developed by CSIRO, the Taxonomy Research and Information Network (TRIN), and the Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Research (CANBR).